Moxie on a mission

  • First

    At Moxie Talent Group, “Can Do” isn’t just a philosophy; it’s our mission. A mission that began some 15 years ago when Donna Menzies launched her highly successful Minneapolis marketing communications recruitment firm.

  • Then

    Since then, whatever the search, Donna’s “Can Do” spirit has been on full display, digging deep, determined to find candidates that would not just fit but flourish in a world of business where personalities, work styles, team chemistry, ethical standards + cultural experiences must not just blend but meld.

  • Now

    Today, determined as always to bring the best companies + candidates together, Donna is at it again, creating a new opportunity for temp talent that is unlike anything else in the marketplace. A resource that reflects the growing demand for candidates that are adept at jumping in, getting the job done, delivering on strategy + on time. The trend shows a sharp rise in freelancers that enjoy being on their own, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit + desire to contribute to projects that are meaningful.

  • Moxie Talent Group

    A new way that, dare we say, shows a lot of Moxie.

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Moxie Services

In today’s ever changing work environment, businesses can’t always predict what the day will bring. Surges in demand for project management, digital strategy, branding + rebranding, copywriting, or design often means supplementing the regular staff with contract placements + temporary hires.

Now, there are 3 ways Moxie can help.


In some shops and for some projects temporary employees are the only option. Temps placed through Moxie Talent Group are routinely placed for less than a year. All IRS rules for temp hiring are rigorously followed.


In other instances, contractors work independently, receiving direction + given the freedom to accomplish projects onsite or off, based on their preference.


Our core business started in permanent, full-time placement + now we have the added flexibility of sourcing temp-to-perm candidates. And on occasion, contract workers or temporary employees make themselves so indispensable that clients decide they want to hire them on a permanent basis.

Moxie Mavens

It’s no surprise that some of the best in the business use us exclusively for placement. Our extensive connections, our knowledge of the market + our prior experience in the industry gives us the insight + edge they’re looking for. And countless hours spent listening + learning ensures we’re as familiar with the companies + candidates we represent as we are with their resumes.

Donna Menzies

Donna Menzies

Recruiter in Chief

No question, Donna knows the marketing communications business + virtually everyone in it. Prior to launching her placement company in 2000, Donna spent 15 years in the Twin Cities ad market + has some 30 years of industry connections to rely on to find + source the smartest + savviest talent in town.

Kate Gjerstad Howd

Kate Gjerstad Howd

Senior Recruiter

Kate’s career experience in agencies big + small combined with her expertise in digital + design, strategy + shopper marketing gives her a unique perspective + skill for matching talent to tasks.

Amy Geiger

Amy Geiger

Senior Recruiter

From Saint Paul to Silicon Valley, Amy's savvy + professional experience know no boundaries. Her magnetic, can-do approach + years of navigating marketing/advertising have attracted top clients. Amy's passion is being a people advocate, evangelizing one's professional value + she only proceeds if the shoe fits. You'll be glad you have her in your corner.


Where clients + candidates connect